Are you tired of using products that don't deliver the results you'd hoped for?

At Emily Miller Aesthetic Medicine we deliver results! In 6 - 12 weeks on a medical grade skincare regimen you will see a transformation in the health of your skin. You will see luminosity, smooth texture, and reversed sun damage. When you commit to a recommended regimen of only medical grade products, this is how we begin to take ten years off your face without looking like you've had work done.

Emily is a Yale University trained dermatology nurse, a Certified ZO Skin Health Expert and a Certified Vivier Skin Care Specialist. Skin is her specialty and she will teach you that medical grade products are what is needed to move the needle on your skin health. 

You can expect to go through a transition period of adjusting to a medical grade retinol. Things may look worse before they look better. Retinol tolerance is built in 6 - 12 weeks of consistent use. Emily will walk you through your plan, providing the steps in written instructions. Your regimen can be crafted to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Book in to start an effective treatment regimen for your specific skin concerns!

We treat:

  • Acne, enlarged pores, acne scarring
  • Melasma
  • Sun spots and uneven pigment
  • Rosacea, redness, and sensitive skin
  • Dullness
  • Sagging and loss of elasticity
  • Texture, fine lines and wrinkles

We carry ZO Skin Health and Vivier Skin. Both brands are of the highest purity, potency and innovation. ZO Skin Health is the world's #1 medical skincare brand. Pioneered by Beverly Hills Dermatologist, Dr. Zein Obaji, ZO sets the standard other companies have tried to reach. ZO possesses patented ingredients and the most sophisticated delivery systems for well researched ingredients in skincare. Their results are second to none.

As a Certified ZO Expert, Emily Miller RN has been extensively trained on the ZO Skin Health line and has achieved for her clients consistently unparalleled results. Choosing to work with a Certified Expert gets you superior results and a greater understanding of how your skincare regimen is working for you. Together we can optimize your regimen, choosing the exact right product combination for you.

Vivier Skin is a Canadian made pharmaceutical grade skincare company. Vivier's vitamin C serums are the best on the market. Independent research at UC Irvine studied depth of penetration of vitamin C serums. Vivier's vitamin C was shown to penetrate four times deeper than the next leading competitor. Depth of penetration is what will deliver the greatest efficacy of the vitamin C molecule. We also love Vivier's Redness Program for sensitized skin with rosacea. Rosacea skin is especially important to treat with the purest ingredients which you can only get from Vivier's USP pharmaceutical grade designation.  

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