Chemical peels are a way of resurfacing the skin to reveal radiant healthy skin cells and to encourage the skin to behave in a more youthful way. Peels dissolve the dead skin cells that make skin appear dull and lackluster. They can reverse years of sun damage and uneven pigmentation. We will tailor a plan to address your unique skin concerns. Peels improve acne, sun spots, pore size, fine lines and wrinkles, and more. They stimulate collagen and are an excellent secret to achieving and maintaining radiant, youthful, healthy skin.

What does it cost?

$600 includes recovery skincare. 

The skin must be prepped with appropriate medical grade skincare for six weeks prior to a peel. This ensures the skin is healthy enough to undergo a peel and maximizes results. This step is important to minimize risk of complication in skin of color, such as Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

Emily will go over the treatment plan for your unique skin concerns and guide you through the use of products to prepare the skin as well as to care for it afterward.

Do they come in packages?

Yes! Peel packages are recommended for clients with melasma, complex pigment, or anyone wanting a beautiful result for collagen production and healthy aging. Your package includes:

- 2 chemical peels with recovery skincare

- 2 SkinPen microneedling sessions with ZO Accelerated Serum add on 

- $500 in medical grade skincare

Investment: $2400